Stop smoking medication

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Over the last decades more and more treatments have appeared against smoking, stop smoking medication is available in any drug store and can be prescribed by any doctor. People’s perception about smoking and stop smoking medication has changed in time, one century ago smoking was thought to be a treatment against lung problems and until the 20th century it wasn’t considered to be bad for the human body. If we refer to the stop smoking medication, a series of alternatives must be discussed, but first we should mention that the variety of treatments is caused by the fact that no stop smoking medication has ever worked the same way on two different persons. Classical nicotine replacements as stop smoking medication do their job well and help a lot of people pass the first months after quiting. Over the last years more complex stop smoking medication appeared and pills like Chantix offer a lot more than the classical solutions.

When a person smokes his/her body releases a substance called dopamine, this chemical is the cause of all the positive effects that a smoker feels. Stop smoking medication deals with the side effects of dopamine levels dropping. When quitting, the lack of dopamine from your body can cause depression, anxiety, irritability, insomnia or any other related problems. More complex stop smoking medication work differently from a classical antidepressant that includes some nicotine to release a small amount of dopamine in your body. Modern stop smoking medication triggers a small release of dopamine into the body, thus avoiding depressions while, at the same time, blocking nicotine receptors from your brain. The blocking effect of this stop smoking medication help you in the scenario where you fail and smoke a cigarette, if the nicotine receptors are blocked the ex-smoker won’t feel anything so it will be easier in the future to reject smoking.

Stop smoking medication if taken excessively can also have side effects so this is why many smokers appeal to natural solutions to fight back their nicotine craving. People who think about quitting smoking are usually very concerned with their health and this is why many of them don’t want to turn to some stop smoking medication. A large variety of natural stop smoking medication exists on the market and it has a decent success rate. Doctors usually recommend alternative treatments in associations with normal stop smoking medication, in the first days classical pills are the favorite as they have a more powerful and faster impact on the body while plants usually react more slowly. In time the traditional stop smoking medication will be replaced by herb-based alternatives in order to avoid any side effects caused by chemicals


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